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Shri Rajesh Mittal 23 Years of practical experience with huge number of satisfactory clients in India and overseas. He is known for his vastu as well as astrology,not believing in demolishing but giving solutions for the same using metal and herbs. Also gives treatment for janamkundalidoshas.
You may contact him for any kind of Health, Wealth, Medical,Marriage,Child related issues,Depression,job or anything related to your life. We are sure you will get complete satisfaction.

Sun Sign

Nine Gems

Blue Sapphire
Neelam is the stone of God of Justice, Shani and helps removing ....
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Yellow Sapphire
This gem can help the wearer attain great financial status. ....
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Ruby, a hot stone which symbolizes Surya has the power to influence all ....
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Emerald, the stone of Mercury improves brain power and ....
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Red Coral
Red Coral, the stone of Mars gives courage to the wearer....
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Diamond, the stone of Shukra is a hot stone and improves the name,....
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Pearl, the stone of Moon helps in calming the nature of the wearer....
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Hessonite, the stone of Rahu is a cold stone and can be responsible ....
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Cat's Eye
Cat's Eye, the stone of Ketu is a very hot stone and can be....
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Janam Kundli

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