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In Vastu Shastra, eight directions - North, East, West, South,North-East, South-East, South-West and North-West are considered as important. If you are planning to build your house or any other building based on Vastu Shastra, first you should have knowledge of your plot's direction. Then you should decide in which direction you ought to keep your main gate. You may, if necessary, take the help of a compass to know the directions. Always remember that the direction you face while exiting the place is the correct direction of your house or building.

As the numerals have their apparent influence of human life, similarly influence of the directions is also apparent. Richness or penury of a person can be known from the location of his house. In which direction is his house located? Which direction does the entrance of his house face? How is the interior decoration? These and other related things reveal the economic condition of a person. Similarly, changes that must be made in order to bring prosperity and to prevent imminent danger or crisis can also be known with the help of VASTU SHASTRA.

As everybody knows, there are four major directions; East, West, North and South. Besides these, four sub-directions are also considered. These are 'Agneya' (South-East), 'Nairitya' (South-West), 'Vayavya' (North-West) and 'Ishaan' (North-East). Each of these directions and sub-directions has its own merits and demerits and yields results accordingly. Every direction has a deity or lord that rules it. Vedic Vastu Shastra describes the importance of 'Ashtadhik Balakars' or Guards of Directions.
All these nine Gods are the majority of 'Devas' who conquered the 'Vastu Purusha' and guarding the peaceful living of human beings. Hindu Vedas are based on these Gods of Nature and quite a lot of scriptures are dedicated to these Gods.
Janam Kundli
The Kundli of an individual is a calculation based on the movement of celestial bodies present in our solar system. It is created by calculating the position of these heavenly bodies at the time of birth of the baby.

Like Abhimanu learned the art of breaking into the Chakravyuh while he was in his mother’s womb, the same way the Chandra and Surya Grahan can also have a major effect on the child’s future and thus women are advised to avoid viewing these eclipses.

The Doshas present in the Kundli should be resolved as soon as possible because they stay with us our whole life and can cause harm anytime. It should be noted, that these Doshas can never be resolved 100%, but the ill effects can be reduced by proper Poojas.
Palmistry is an ancient Indian Science of predicting the future and understanding the past of an individual. If one does not have a JanamKundali, his Future can be predicted using Palmistry with an efficiency of 40 to 60%.
It is also said that the lines of our hand keep changing as per our deeds, actions and Karmas.

The best time to consult with a Palmist is from 10 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon as the rays of sun dominate that time period.

Palmistry is not only the study of the lines present on our hands, but it also involves the careful observation of shape and color of hands, fingers, nails, and mountains present on the hand. It may also involve reading the lines on forehead and soul of the feet.
Color Therapy
Colors have a significant place in our life and affect everyone differently based on their name and JanamKundali.

Even the color of our vehicles and interiors of house and workplace are very important in our life. Under this therapy, the light of sun is harnessed and that energy is transferred to the person on various physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental levels.

In order to bring harmony in our life and Vastu environment it is important for us to understand the properties of colors.

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