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Born in the Town of Hissar, Haryana, Rajesh Mittal, in the tender age of 16 started his practices in the Deep Mythological and Unknown world of Indian Horoscopes, Enchanted Gems and Vastu Shastra. Initially helping his friends and dear ones in the trifles of life, Rajesh slowly graduated from an amateur to a skilled expert in this mystical field. This transformation, in Rajesh’s words was a slow and tough process for him personally, because belonging to a Marwadi Agarwal family, these practices were not accepted by the family elders but slowly his fame and success trickled its way into the Mittal Household.
Travelling was an essential part in learning these Occult Sciences and thus he travelled to the Himalayas, North-East, and Rajasthan and attended various Kumbhs in the process. He feels himself to be extremely fortunate to have met the Magical and Spiritual Sadhus at Nasik, Haridwaar, KamakhyaJi in Asaam and various other places who guided him and blessed him in this journey of his life. Apart from Vastu Shastra, which is his forte he also deals with Eradicating KundliDoshas, Performing various Poojas etc.

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